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#WeChooseReuse joins the World Refill Day campaign

Written by
Bethany Keeley
May 18, 2022

On the 16th June 2022, NGOs and #breakfreefromplastic members from around the world will be celebrating World Refill Day: a global campaign initiated by UK-based environmental organisation City to Sea. 


This global public awareness campaign aims to help people live with less waste. Partners, supporters, and thousands of everyday activists around the world will be calling on individuals, businesses, brands, and governments to choose to reuse and help make single-use plastic a thing of the past. 


Last year the campaign reached millions of people around the world, with activities taking place across 77 countries. Conversations centered around post-pandemic plastic pollution and reminded citizens, retailers, and industry that now, more than ever, we need and are ready for a refill revolution. Habits had changed during the pandemic, and World Refill Day helped instil the message that refill and reuse are safe and healthy methods of reducing plastic waste, even during a pandemic. 


Individuals, influencers and community groups from around the world were mobilised and took to sharing their photos, videos and messages of how they reuse across social media. Almost 1 billion people were reached around the world! And this year, let’s aim for more. 


To support World Refill Day, #WeChooseReuse will be taking to social media to make noise for the campaign. Supporters and signatories to #WeChooseReuse have the opportunity to share pictures of what reuse looks like in their daily life. Tell the world why you’re supporting #WorldRefillDay and push businesses and governments to make reuse a reality in Europe by calling for more signatures to the #WeChooseReuse campaign. 


So what can you do to support? 


Join the call for a reuse revolution in Europe by sharing #WeChooseReuse on your social media channels. Check out our social media toolkit here.


Do you want to encourage your city or your favourite businesses to choose to reuse? Encourage them to sign our open letters. 


Follow the fun on World Refill Day! Add the date to your diary, share your how you refill with #WorldRefillDay. If you’re running a refill or reuse project, map it on the Refill App


We are yet to see the full potential of reuse and refill, but in order to get there, we need policy makers to fight for the right policies that will support reuse and refill infrastructure. Join us, support us and help us make reuse a reality for all in Europe. 

We Choose Reuse!

Commit to reuse as an individual or as an NGO.
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