Support Reuse Systems in Europe

Discover the businesses from across Europe that support reusable packaging and the campaigns that aim to accelerate reuse systems.

Are you a business that supports and implements reuse systems? 

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Sign the commitment as an individual

Show your commitment to #WeChooseReuse and join the thousands of individuals across Europe who are demanding for a future for reuse.
I choose reuse and refill over single-use, prioritising long-lasting products and packaging rather than disposable ones.
I choose to support the cafés and restaurants that champion reuse over single-use and that accept reusable cups, containers and bottles for take-away.
I favour grocery stores that offer packaging free and refill options and that allow me to use my own containers to purchase food and other products in bulk.
When shopping online, I prioritise providers that offer reuse and refill options.

Reuse Campaigns


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Reuse Resources
#WeChooseReuse toolkits

Sign the commitment as an NGO

Join the many NGOs from around Europe and call for the reuse revolution.
We commit to collaborate with decision makers, at all levels, to develop enabling policy frameworks for reuse systems.
We commit to challenge businesses to champion reuse systems, and showcase real solutions, to accelerate the normalisation of reuse systems.
We commit to equip consumers to make informed choices, by providing them with information and tools.

Municipalities: sign the open letter

Are you a municipality that supports reuse and is working towards zero waste? 
Join other municipalities to demand support from decision-makers at the EU level.

Decision-makers: support reuse systems

Are you a decision-maker that wants to support reuse systems through bold policies and laws? Sign the #WeChooseReuse Commitment.
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