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Webinar: A #WeChooseReuse discussion with Jean Bouteille Founder

Written by
Estelle Eonnet
March 4, 2021

There are lots of good environmental reasons for producing and consuming reuse products - e.g. from effectively preventing littering at source, to promoting sustainable consumption habits. Yet, their economic advantage has been more difficult to grasp at times, in a still largely unwelcoming context utterly dominated by single-use products. 


Through the success story of the French company Jean Bouteille, we will see what it takes for a reuse business model to be both environmentally friendly and economically viable in a matter of years, helping us to make new inroads in our decision-makers’ agenda with genuine solutions.


This company, created in 2014, associates two modes of ecological consumption to save the consumer money: the bulk system and the returnable bottle system.



The webinar took place at 1PM CET on March 15th. Learn more about Jean Bouteille here.

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