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German NGO-alliance calls for environmentally friendly and healthy reusable systems to avert the plastic crisis

Written by
Estelle Eonnet
June 15, 2021

Plastic engulfing our environment – this is one of the most visible and most serious ecological problems in today’s world. Plastic is a deadly hazard for many creatures that consume it in their food. The deluge of plastic also threatens human health: microplastic has even been detected in the human bloodstream. And the production and consumption of plastic also fuel climate change.

For the first time in Germany, major civil society actors have come together in an alliance to resolve the plastics crisis and have formulated “Ways out of the Plastic Crisis”, 15 demands for the German government to act on. We need systemic change towards a true circular economy, prioritizing reduction, reuse, and toxic-free materials at al stages of the plastic value chain.

Environmentally friendly and healthy reusable systems, such as reusable beverage bottles, coffee-to-go cups and transport packaging, are being introduced in more and more EU countries. These solutions are a way to avert the plastic waste crisis and must be promoted throughout the EU.

Sadly, Germany is the European leader in the use of plastics. That puts a special responsibility on us to find a solution to this worldwide problem. It is now time to act, and to act decisively.


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