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ANEC Chooses Reuse!

Written by
Bethany Keeley
October 27, 2022

ANEC is the European consumer voice in standardisation, with members representing national consumer organisations from across 33 countries. To bring the voice of the consumer to the campaign ANEC has joined #WeChooseReuse as a supporting partner. 

For consumers to be able to further reduce single-use packaging and single-use consumer products, their access to reuse systems needs to be made easier.  

In line with the demands of the #WeChooseReuse campaign, ANEC wants the upcoming revision of the packaging and packaging waste directive (PPWD) to increase its focus on waste prevention and systematically expand accessible reuse systems at the expense of single-use packaging, wherever possible. 

A study led by Circular Economy Portugal for the #WeChooseReuse campaign offers valuable guidance on the sectors where reuse can benefit most the environment.  Yet in order to reach this potential, the revision of the regulation must define clear targets and instructions for businesses in order to ensure an enforceable, yet ambitious policy.   

To ensure EU policy can match the demand for reuse across Europe, ANEC recommends that the upcoming revision of the PPWD includes:  

  • product-specific reuse targets for beverage containers and other product groups, such as food preserves, yogurts, detergents, shipping or transport containers.
  • implementation of reuse systems for certain product groups and a ban on corresponding single-use product systems (e.g. for mineral water)
  • standardising shapes and other features of reuse containers to aid collection and reuse across Europe
  • encouraging Member States to grant tax incentives for prolonged use/reuse, and to introduce taxes for single use/one-way systems.

ANEC particularly welcomes #WeChooseReuse’s call for take-back systems to be accessible to all, without requiring specific digital skills or equipment. This is in accord with the wishes of our members. 

ANEC Director-General, Stephen Russell, stated,  

We are delighted to join the #WeChooseReuse campaign. Over 100.000 signatures were presented to Commission Executive Vice-President Timmermans earlier this month, supporting the campaign’s call for ambitious legislation on reuse. We want to build on this momentum and ensure waste prevention is at the core of the revised PPWD as well as measurable targets. It is also vital to make sure consumers have easy access to reuse and take back systems, and can trust the safety and hygiene of products used”. 


“The upcoming revision of the packaging and packaging waste legislation is a unique opportunity for the European Union to adopt ambitious measures to support reuse. We want the #WeChooseReuse campaign to bring consumers’ perspectives to the forefront, as they are a central piece to normalising reuse in Europe. That’s why we welcome the support of ANEC and trust it will contribute to the success of #WeChooseReuse.” said Laura Díaz Sánchez, Solutions Coordinator of Break Free From Plastic Europe.

We Choose Reuse!

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