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Supporting reuse systems through bold policies and laws.

Demands at the European level

  1. Set reuse targets for key sectors and products, including: beverage containers and cups for beverages food containers household products e-commerce packaging menstrual products and nappies

  2. Set EU-wide harmonised formats for certain packaging types to enable the scale-up of reuse and refill and reach the sectoral reuse targets.

  3. Restrict the use of some single-use packaging formats for certain applications (e.g monodose, vegetables and fruits wrappers), in particular where reusable products or systems are possible or consumer goods can be handled safely without packaging.

  4. Set a requirement for retailers to sell part of its products in bulk.

  5. Adopt measures to support the transition to reuse in the HORECA sector, including: an obligation to use reusable tableware for in-site consumption; half of all take-away containers and cutlery should be reusable and implemented through deposit return systems by 2025, while giving consumers the option to bring their own; a ban of monodose products (milk, sugar, condiments, etc) for on-site consumption, and obligation to provide alternative option to monodose for take away, and provide monodose only upon request (opt-in requirements); an obligation to provide free complimentary water (tap water or reusable container).

  6. Promote and provide guidance on setting Deposit Return Schemes (DRS) to support the achievement of reuse targets for all containers.

  7. Promote the adoption of economic incentives that support reuse (e.g. taxation, effective fee differentiation for reusable packaging, VAT linked incentives).

  8. Introduce minimum mandatory public procurement criteria and targets to prevent and reduce use of packaging and single-use products, including within government buildings or public organised or supported events.

  9. Support reuse start-ups, projects and consumers with knowledge and advice: Provide guidance on how logistics for collection, cleaning and delivery of reusable containers is best done ; Facilitate effective ownership models and business development; Promote dissemination of best practises and knowledge exchange; and Ensure Consumer Right to Reuse.

  10. Regulate green claims, to prevent unverifiable claims of reusability and labelling as reusable in the absence of dedicated infrastructure to ensure the asset is reused, and address consumer confusion through explicit wording explaining how & by whom the item is intended to be reused.

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