Together we can create robust reuse systems and enable a truly circular economy.

As an Individual

I choose reuse and refill over single-use, prioritising long-lasting products and packaging rather than disposable ones.
I choose to support the cafés and restaurants that champion reuse over single-use and that accept reusable cups, containers and bottles for take-away.
I favour grocery stores that offer packaging free and refill options and that allow me to use my own containers to purchase food and other products in bulk.
When shopping online, I prioritise providers that offer reuse and refill options.

As an NGO

We commit to collaborate with decision makers, at all levels, to develop enabling policy frameworks for reuse systems.
We commit to challenge businesses to champion reuse systems, and showcase real solutions, to accelerate the normalisation of reuse systems.
We commit to equip consumers to make informed choices, by providing them with information and tools.

Take Action

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We demand that national & EU decision-makers choose reuse

In order to make reuse the new normal, decision-makers must:
Set EU harmonised designs for containers, in order to scale-up reuse, as well as promote systems, such as deposit-return schemes, that support reuse.
Adopt public procurement policies that prioritise reuse services and products, for publicly-run and sponsored events and facilities.
Adopt complementary measures, including targeted bans on single-use products, and economic incentives to implement reuse.
Set reuse targets for each sector, including for transport, retail, food services and e-commerce.

We call on producers, retailers, cafés & restaurant chains to choose reuse

In order to have reuse options for consumers in every sector, they must:
Commit to a plastic footprint reduction policy, in order to dramatically reduce single-use plastic production and use.
Avoid false solutions, such as single-use bio-based, biodegradable and compostable alternatives.
Remove hazardous chemicals and materials from their products and choose toxic-free materials and products.
Reveal publicly their action plan with a timeline, which shows measurable, independently audited results by 2023.
Collaborate with producers, retailers, governments, and NGOs to create scalable, standardised and reusable solutions — including support for ambitious legislation that rewards plastics reduction, incentivises reuse systems, deposit return schemes, and penalises the overuse of plastics.
Reinvent delivery, retail and takeaway systems that disincentivize single-use, throwaway packaging; and prioritize significant investments in reusables and refill systems.

We demand that local public authorities choose reuse

In order to enable reuse for all citizens at the local level, public authorities must:
Promote local, environmentally-friendly alternatives to single-use and implement economic incentives that support and prioritise reuse, such as deposit systems on reusable containers for beverages and food, or free tap water in public spaces.
Deliver clear and locally-tailored communications, explaining not only how, but also why, such measures are important and beneficial to the protection of the natural environment and the creation of local jobs.
Introduce relevant local ordinances that prohibit and tax single-use items, and facilitate greater reuse and repair initiatives.
Adopt public procurement policies that prioritise reuse services and products within municipally-run and sponsored events and facilities.
Monitor and analyse the remaining residual waste, to identify products and materials that need to be redesigned for reuse.

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julien michelon from France signed 5 hours ago
julien Méric from France signed 5 hours ago
Carolin Fleischmann from Germany signed 11 hours ago
Mark Johnston of The Scarab Trust from United Kingdom signed 1 week ago
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